EASYBUYINCHINA.COM could help you to buy everything you need

in China when you inquiry, especially the shop online.

Compare with the same product from the shop in China mainland and the overseas China.

Price on LAZADA

Price on JoyBuy

Price on Taobao in China

Final Price from easybuyinchina.com

For example:To ship to Singapore and Malaysia…

The express fee is about US$20/kg. (equal to SGD27/kg, MYR81.5/kg)

The final result comes here:

Product price+Service charge+Express fee= Final price

US$18.62+US$5+US$20=US$43.60 (equal to SGD58.9,MYR177.6)

There are still many newfangled products with good quality on the Chinese shop that you have no ever know.

Add our special products to your lineup


Step 1

Join us and upload your buying list to place the trial order.

You can upload a picture or a link of the goods in your requirement.

There is no need to pay for the goods you bought at first in your trial order except the Service Charge for only US$5.

We will finding the goods with good quality according to the shop comments and sales volume for your confirmation. (The goods would be returned to the shop if you do not satisfied, and without any extra charge.)

Step 2

We will buying the goods according to your order and do the payment in advance.

We will tracking the express in China and get the package.

We will checking the goods to you on live by video or photos until you confirmed.

Then you can place the real order and finish the payment in our shop.

Step 3

Pls check your mail from easybuyinchina.com or loading our shop to confirm your real order.

Pls finish the payment for the your goods and the express charge.

Then waiting and receive your package.

Finally, give us a comment and get the discount refund coupon!

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Code, template and others are very good. The support has served me immediately and solved my problems when I need help. Are to be congratulated.

Support and response has been amazing, helping me with several issues I came across and got them solved almost the same day. A pleasure to work with them!

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